Presents of Mine: boxing day

Is the gift unseemly? Perhaps a nice box?

A Box Full of Love for Christmas” by Kitty Terry whets our appetite for better music. Nice urban blues. But mushy.

Alan Hull misunderstands on purpose when he sings about “Cardboard Christmas Boxes” as homes for the homeless. See what you did with your British pop, there, making me engage my social consciousness? Hey!

The same conceit from Heywood Banks makes me smirk more. “Christmas Box” as tragicomedy!

Dan Groggin belittles his “Christmas Box” as being basically empty from the musical ‘Nuncrackers.’ Save your modesty, Dan.

KiWi ramps up the metal fun with “What’s in the Present Box?” good luck getting an answer in edgewise.

The Mikmaks give kidsong a good name with their rocking “What’s in the Box?” Now i wanna know.

Karling Abbeygate tries to creep us out with the suspensefully gothic “What’s in the Box.” Kooky pop.

Jerry Darlak ups the party quotient with “What’s in the Box? Polka.” It’s a mystery, and this guy wrapped it!

Watch out, i’m about to spring parang upon ye–you may find yourself powerless to still your feet. Charm B. celebrates “Christmas Box” with Caribbean craziness.