TreeMendous Holiday Fun: String Trimmer

You’ve got the tree–now what?

The Tavson Brothers take a minute to take it all in–what a country/western responsibility! “Let’s Set Up the Christmas Tree” is a sentimental journey for empty nesters, even with some missteps. Don’t pay these assemblers by the hour.

Dougie Bear folks the zydeco with “My Christmas Tree.” He just wants to put it up for everyone to see.

And trimming… is that cutting off or adding to?

Let’s Trim the Christmas Tree” is an insistent dance-jazz number from Jim Hudak. He’s had a lot of coffee and wants it done soon.

OF COURSE we need to add some pazookas and muzzle fuzz: “Trim up the Tree” gets the honorary mention from the ‘Grinch’ cartoon of 1966.

Jack Haskell fronts the Les Brown Band out of 1946 for “When You Trim Your Christmas Tree.” Square, but classy.

The whole process from star to song takes place in “Christmas Tree” by the tick-tock folk of Reid & Jamie. Inspiring.