TreeMendous Holiday Fun: Spruce Up the Doug Fir

Tinsel! Bulbs! Balls! ‘Corn! Go! GO!!

Kidsong from Phil and the Osophers in the drummer boy driven “Decorate the Christmas Tree.” Special attention to each ornament makes Mommy and Daddy happy.

Can Plank Road help? “Decorate the Tree” is funny jazz noodling for the undeveloped chorale.

Maybe we better get EVERYONE. Three Day threshold & Summer Villains pull a sprightly jug band approach to “Decorate the Christmas Tree.”

Also asking for help, Alan Banana sets the alarm to decorate the “Christmas Tree.” Jouncy jazzy kid fun.

Need a break? Here’s the family made musical play ‘The Christmas Stranger’ song “Decorate the Tree” with all the children, talented or otherwise impressed into the stormy show tune.

For Nichol & Wilde, to “Hang a Decoration on the Christmas Tree” is to have a party. This ’50s girl rock inspired electronica is only a party in low gear. No one’s branch-diving here.

Throwback Day! As previously hailed, awesome Xmas parody band The ’60s Invasion takes on the Lemon Pipers’ 1967 ‘Green Tambourine’ with their “Green Christmas Tree.” My brand of hilarity with ornaments.

Kenny and Dave as The Carol Kings apply surf music to “Decoratin’ Our Tree.” No wacky wipeout jokes, no crashing wave sounds–just Christmas business. Wild.