TreeMendous Holiday Fun: Bauble’s Your Uncle

Specialize your tree with individual ornamentation. Fly your freak flag!

Rocking it, The Breezeway tell you the story of “The Ol’ Ornament 2014” from the bauble’s point of view. It’s whining, of course–about where it got put, on the backside. Kinda cool song.

Or just hang “Flags on the Christmas Tree” to honor the fallen, like Jesus. Leland Martin leans into that weepy fiddle to tug at your patriotic bone.

Just as redneck, Robin and Linda Williams folk up a storm with “Shotgun Shells on a Christmas Tree.” Um, it was ‘cuz they were poor, and the shells were red… for Christmas.

Kate Osburn has a different approach: grandchildren photos glued into handmade paper cutouts to “Decorate the Tree,” a strangely sultry and seductive jazz siren crooning tune.

More traditionally, Danny and Cindy Schneider go ’60s folk rock with “Candy Canes on the Tree.” Sweet!

Nerdy Christmas Tree” from Losing Lara challenges you to reconsider the tree as a collection delivery system. Rocking folk.

One ‘ornament’ you might not have considered is the Christmas tree train that got laid out on the floor all the way around. Artese N Toad wring their hankies over “Daddy’s Old Train box 2007.” Then Schnitzel honky tonks “Christmas Tree Train” just right.