Treemendous Holiday Fun: Peppermints Or Namints

Songs that are entitled “Ornaments of Christmas” aren’t trying very hard. Thusly Anna Gossett Johnson and Adrian Park walk around this jingly mess.

Likewise Paige Stroman’s folk “Ornaments.” Vague filler for her album. Memories for our hearts, gang.

Each Ornament Has a Story” shuffles out of the off-Broadway ‘Fancy Nancy Splenidferous Christmas’ just a klutzily. Talky and pedantic.

The attempt at significance doesn’t help Bill Pere’s musical number “Ornament” from his musical ‘Christmas on the Poor Side of Town.’ Pass the yawn.

Odd and affecting, Jianda Monique sings “You’re Such a Lovely Ornament” as if she’s talking about something else. Atonal, but not quite dada.

Verne Wickham plods along with his “Ornaments” mistaking sentimentality for dreariness.

I am Abomination cuts through the crap with the prog metal “Ornaments are for Hanging.” Take that, attic full of memories!