Snow Way: winter, duh

Some songs simply celebrate the season. Winter, snow, lyrics, done. I suspect druidism.

Now it can be totally Christian. Audrey Assad sings “Winter Snow” for Chris Tomlin, making the storm the metaphor for the First Coming. Deconstruct that, English majors!

Or wait, it can be night (Winter assumed) as with En Vogue’s “Snowy Nights.” R+B bubblicious.

Oh, let’s cut some Celtic cloth! Orla Fallon gets some Old World mystical plucking happening for her “Winter, Fire, and Snow.” Scary out there.

Marching with the white walkers Enya timpanizes “White is the Winter Night.” Pagan.

St. Alban’s Abbey Boys’ Choir lift voices into dog whistle range with “Silent Falls the Winter’s Snow.” Moody still. Holy as well.

Just as medievally, Annie Lennox croons “See Amid the Winter’s Snow.” Uplifting at last. (And so very Christian.)

But it’s snow–back to tragic with Isaac Hayes and “Winter Snow,” a 1969 weepie Motown blues ballad. Damn, got some snow in my eye.