Snow Way: day-oh

Too much H two minus-O? Make it a snow day! Stay home and… write a song about it.

With over 4 million views school teacher May Morris goes big with her ‘Hello’ parody “Snow” calling for just one more snow day. Powerful pipes from shushing the swarm, apparently.

The Sharer Fam (not related, but they all love to share) rollick family friendly with “Snow Day,” highlighting all the boring stuff.

The Fresh Beat Band thinks rap and Caribbean go together in their dull/hyper “Snow Day.”

Scaring the kids with their talent The Ohio City Singers scream out “Snow Day.” Sing along, i mean right now!

Eric Herman turns clever hip hop rhyming into ADHD kidsong with “Snow Day,” in which a valuable tragic lesson is learned about fun in the frost. Learn fear, Fred.

Pamela Noon orchestrates her kids to go big with her show stopping “Snow Day.” Hold that note!

Trout Fishing in America lays down jazz tracks for the littluns with their “Snow Day.” Friendly enough to dance to.

Plank Road rocks out with their sfx-laden “Snow Day.” Teresa Jennings may know Phil.

Toby Lightman hopes his penchant for percussion makes you dance in his “Snow Day.” Pop!

Matt Pond PA leans more lite-alt with his “Snow Day.” Emo music, emo money.

Bah & the Humbugs growl out garage rock for their “Snow Day.” Revolting.

Hey, look–it’s Lisa Loeb singing about grown up problems with her “Snow Day.” don’t do it alone.

Sounding like a mom in a cartoon musical, Noel Pagan (!?) belts out “Snow Day.” Can’t tell if she likes it or not, but she’s pretty clingy.

Even more torchy, Emily Mac is propositioning you with minimal jazz and maximal innuendo with her “Snow Day.” Mmmm-mama!

The Holderness Family knows what they’re doing, so count on their “Snow Day” to tickle and tug for their family hiking you wish you could’ve had with yours.

The whole childhood reminiscence rolls out in touchingly in “Snow Day” from folkie Michael Lelly Blanchard.