Snow Way: fun fight

For some, fun equals violence. Weapons made of wintery wonder!

Let’s start out slowly: “The First Snowball of the Season” is a baseball themed puffery by The Golden Orchestra & Singers. Strike One!

Off topically, Devo has a philosophically angst number “Snowball.” Electronica whene’er we can.

The tots’ ode to “Snowball Fight” has lyrics by Alan Katz to the so-called tune of ‘Jingle Bells.’ Should we teach this?

Gateway Christian Academy has their Snow Day announcement as a parody of Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’ aka “Snowball Fight Song.” Hilarious revenge tactics for a church-sponsored children’s notice.

Jimmy Fallon shrugs on his punk coat for “Snow Fight.” S’no fun, really.

Bunch of Believers take the ska road for “Snowball Fight.” Just as danceable, but more poetic.

North Pole Patrol sasses up the sexy with a (small) big band torch number “Snowball Fight.”

BLUE ALERT (no, really) from Weekend Nachos and their blink-and-you’ll-miss-it “Snowball Fight.” Metal.

The Happy Racers big band their pop for “Snowball Fight.” It’s bouncy, rockin’ fun about putting out your eye. Duck!