Snow Way: that one day

There Ain’t No Snow Like Christmas Snow,” proposes Jeff Michaels. And we all know what he means with his samba jazz pop. Any old snow is so so snow. 12/25 weather is made sacred by association.

Women in Country paint a perfect picture with their “Christmas Snow.” It seems an essential piece of the pop-polluted country music puzzle.

What should have been dreary amateur pop gets an experimental tweaking from Jen Hanson. “Christmas Snow” is middle class scrapbook of memories, but haunts regardless.

Snow Business” is mostly about Christmas, but it mentions snow. Shane O’Brien is backed by St. Michaels College for this old fashioned carol.

It Could Snow Tonight” asks for hope and love with earnest 1970s electric pop from George Dare. It’s always more than just frozen water.

1970s treacle in the form of “Christmas Snow” I guess by Arthur Lowe, about Mr. Snow, one of those  Mr. Men characters from the annoying little books back then. Soaring pop.

Intimate and warm, Kelly Morrison unplugs for her country lullaby “Christmas Snow.”

Jazz counterpoint from Lindsey Webster purring “It’s Gonna Snow on Christmas.” There’s an ellipsis implied there that leads to….

“Christmas Snow” is such a strong symbol, electric blues from Michael Burk compares it to his pure driven love. ‘Sgotta melt her, man.