Snow Way: where?

Snow in a far away place may seem like an impossible dream.

‘Course that paradox screams literary device so that Natalie Cole can R+B “Snowfall on the Sahara”  about unlikely love, etc. Cliff Richard shares the boys’ view on this tune.

More mixed metaphors from Elizaveta Khripounova with “Snow in Venice.” Here she adds blues to piano bar to great accomplishment about that special time, remember?

K. Bramley’s “Snow in London,” to put the mitten on the other fist, bemoans you leaving with some lovely unplugged punk.

“Bluegrass, White Snow” descends like a cloud of wishes whether from New Trails, Patty Loveless, or the dozens of homegrown pickers and grinners like The Pluckin’ Nuts.

Some of these place holders i’ve crowed over before. Hardly worth a seconding, but Ariane Grande’s “Snow in California,” Jethro Tull’s “First Snow on Brooklyn,”  Naïka’s “Snowing in LA (long distance)“, Dan Adamini’s “Snow is Falling in Upper Michigan,” Kristin McLean’s “Snow is Falling in Colorado,” Harold Livingstone and Mile Marker 24’s “White Christmas in the Florida Keys,” Timothy Chen Allen’s “Tonight It Snowed in San Juan,” Kristie Stremel’s “Kansas Snow Song“–all vie for background placement over the local news outro Christmas Eve. Sad.

Burl Ives takes on the case of “Snow for Johnny” praying for some luckless Louisiana lad. It’s his inimitable style (although Lauren St. Jane and The Dead Westerns did it too, albeit with ‘billy whining). Whatever will Johnny do without a big snowman, Burl?