Snow Way: in

TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? You’re welcome, you conspicuous consumers.

As a sequel to Snow Day–this time for newly adults who don’t have that school-age connection–the romance of being stuck together can get all stoked and flaming. Mindy Smith’s folky “Snowed In” is pretty hot. Her smokey vocal is asking for just-us.

Likewise Breathe Carolina wanna spend all night to get it right for their electronic pop “Snowed In.”

In the same vein Chance the Rapper and Jeremih beat out “Snowed In” for Li’l Mama.

Moreover Martin Carlberg feat. Tanja Doko (from the free Epidemic Sound Music Library) delivers the dream of jazz time with you “Snowed In.” Cool cat, cool kitty.

What’s more Over the Rhine lowers the lights for adult jazz with “Snowed in with You.”

Additionally Kyle Kupecky pops the pop with his teenybopperish “Snowed In.” He’s so pretty!

Ditto, John Berry ‘s “Snowed In” country adores you (in a church approved way).

Encore! Dani & Lizzy got cuddling in mind for their “Snowed In.” Jazzier pop this time.

Alternately J. Christopher hollers some ’80s sounding pop about young love, “Snowed In.”

Haven’t i heard this already? “Snowed In” by Twin Kennedy is sultry country neediness.

Not as certainly, Haley Green has alt-regrets she’d like to fix being “Snowed In” with you.

Making the best of the bad news Linda Davis goes classic country with “Snowed In Christmas.” JJ Nolis gives us the guy take on it.

Ultimately Albert Collins lays down some mean electric blues (and found poetry) for his talky “Snowed In.” It’s not a happy day for ol’ Al.