Shitfaced for the High Holidays

The idea of Santa stinking drunk is easy pickings for upcoming songmeisters. But how’d he get like that?

Chris F. explains in “Drunken Santa Claus Song (Santa Claus is Drinking at the Bar).” Okay, the title really explains it all. Chris simply reiterates while banging on his guitar folk style.

Santa stumbles into the wrong crib in Stevie Rite’s “I Got Santa Claus Drunk.” This rap fable reveals the lure alcohol (and other drugs) have on travelers during the Christmas holiday.

Not only urban ballers, but cajun cats corrupt the Claus. “The Night That Me and Santa Claus Got Drunk” refers to Travis Matte and a certain weak-willed delivery man in a reindeer adjacent vehicle.

Alex Anthony’s troubles lead him to the bottom of a glass in “Santa Got Drunk.” He is wildly energetic for such a sad holiday sordidity. And i suspect Santa isn’t drunk at all in this song about writing a song. Hey.

Matt Rogers’s “Drunk Santa is Coming to Town” delivers all the sophomoric FM DJ humor you could hope for. Check your list, seriously, this has all the comic tropes to play at your holiday Vegas-themed frat party.

Gary Craig one ups that parody with a Bing-along “Drunken Santa’s Comin’ to Town.” Different lyrics, more style, same humor mined.

The DiRaffs play it light cautioning ‘he shouldn’t fly’ in “Ho Ho Ho 2 (It’s a Drunk Santa).” This light pop rock from an undisclosed bunker is easy breezy stuff bordering on grownup boy band. But the message seems outraged. Huh.

An epic tale of Santa crashing, thrashing, then dashing off to AA comes by way of The Folksinger (Bill Evenhouse). “Drunk Santa!” is Celtic light and fluffy stuff and i think all kids (of alcoholic parents) should hear it.

Going full out children’s song, Corey Ott hopes you’ll play along with the ironic “Santa Got Drunk This Year.” If you elect to wink and nod you’ll have a silly billy fun time with that rummy lush.

Clyde Lasley and the Cadillac Baby Specials close the joint down with their bluesy rocking “Santa Came Home Drunk” from the early days when R+B was about to become RnR. It’s a fun tale of woe. You may dance.

It doesn’t take much imagination to discover the loads Santa is suffering under. Television Television presents Da North Pole Crew singing “Santa Got Drunk” because he’s just not loved. Come on, family Claus: stand by your fat man in this country comic gold. (Spoiler Alert: happy ending–except maybe for the reindeer.)