Reeking for the High Holidays

We seem to be moving backwards following drunk Santa. The previous post was about the Jolly One in rehab. Did we miss the signs? Of course not. Follow the bouncing tonsils which will sing us the songs of soused Santa.

The Uncle Louis Show discovers “Santa Claus e Ubriaco” in a couple languages. It’s corrida lite, gentle and reverent. So yay for Kris.

Doug and Glenn slide the piano player roll across the floor with their sloshy “Santa Claus Got Drunk.” I think they didn’t get the Transformer they wanted when they were eight and it’s payback time. Ouch.

Cranking up (out) the experimental garage rock The Austins snark out “Santa Got Drunk This Year.” There may be a lot they don’t get. But they are making some music.

Titty Twister Band scream their faux hair metal “Santa and Rudolph are Alcoholics” in a most amusing fashion. Well until they try a Cops skit a couple minutes in.

Rockabilly should help and Brian Eckleberry and Matt Tompkins of Omaha Live! bring it. But “Drunk Santa” is cleared for radio play because it ticks off all the comedy boxes without eliciting actual laughter.

Proper blues from Fathead proclaims “Santa’s Drunk.” This is a raging tune, but clean and within the lines. It’s my kind of funk.