Three Sheets to the Wind for the High Holidays

Drinking and driving have been addressed in this blog heretofore, but Santa’s weaving through the sky is so seminal that we need another day’s worth of holiday hijinx to cover the sorry topic.

At least one ‘Grandma Got Run Over’ parody might slip in. Haven’t had one in a couple months. At least Kevin Binkley plays it deadpan in “Santa Got Pulled Over by the DOT.” He he.

Gallagher’s Twin tries ‘Jingle Bells’ as a musical basis for “Santa’s DUI (A Cautionary Tale).” Color me cautioned.

Alcoholics Unanimous rage rock “Santa Claus DWI” in a rather charming old fashioned lilt. Ha ha.

Word and Record usually deliver a fine bundle of comedy and “Santa Got Picked up for a DUI” is more fun. Tight bluegrass, a crisp yodeling range of harmony… ahhh.

Occasionally just anyone thinks they canister the novelty Christmas music game. Rigo Sebastiani works “Santa got a DUI” without much musical backup, or talent. But he sells his vision of funny. I buy it anyway.

At other times soft alt gets so weird that by the time I recover from my hypnotic state I’m not sure what I was listening to. Debt of Nature presents exhibit no. 1 with “Santa Claus is DUI (Full of Love).” I can’t stop listening, but what the fugue state?

Rocking and rolling Steve and The Jiggi Verandah Band lean into “Santa Went DUI.” It’s as cool as a monotone, but it is cool.

Johnnie Clutch & The Rumbleseats retro the whole deal with a frosty number entitled “Santa’s Too Drunk to Drive.” Elves and reindeers, prepare to be rocked. Wild. (The Hot Rods also do “Santa’s Too Drunk to Drive”  with a cutesy intro: ratchet it back, boys.)