The Future: Outer Space (5)

Enough about Santa!

What about US in outer space having a grand old holiday?!

Much as i would love to take you on a tour of the solar system for Christmas on Mars, etc.–i can find no such musical love.

So how about we stay within our own orbit?

Well, UFO Phil is adamant that “There’s No Christmas on the Moon.” This retro ’60s kiddie rock, reveals the conspiracy of NASA to ruin Christmas with Apollo 11.

So to set the record straight, here is Songs for Children (is that the name of the band?) with “Christmas on the Moon.” Wotta youthful imagination!

Glenn Smith gets even more silly with “Christmas on the Moon” with the green cheese and the man in the… Wait–too childish and wildly waifish?

How about one this one: Runaway Symphony with “Christmas on the Moon“? The soft rock with overtones of Celtic lilting throughout gives U2 a run for their science fiction Christmas song money.

Detroit’s The GO tries a pop-rock variation with their “Christmas on the Moon.” Uncle Charlie and all the kids are talkin’ ’bout it.

Ready to moon rock out? Get down and dirty rockabilly with Slick Moss Explosion and “Christmas on the Moon.” Yeah, baby.