The Future: Robots (1)

Santa might be a robot… he’s indefatigable, omnipresent, and instant.

Twelve2five deliver rave tech music. So i wouldn’t worry about the content so much. “Santa Bot” is just an electronic ride. Weee.

Robot Santa” by Four2one makes even less sense. I guess the whispery raps are naughty so BLUE ALERT. You’re on your own with this one, gang.

The Musers’ girlish chanting “Robot Santa” pushes my limit for modern electronic. Science fiction is starting to suck.

I renew my faith with Bret McKenzie (of the Flying Conchords) in Blazer Faith creating a video (apparently as a Target commercial… i missed this on TV). “Electronic Santa” rocks! or at least discos! It’s toy delivery and a party.