I’m Santa-cus. No, I’m Santa-cus.

Vedo the Singer wants to be a friend. But his breathy love pop “Tonight I’m Santa Clause” is a bit pushy. He’s just playing.

Le chat au café’s “I Think I’m Santa” (Alex Bergmans​/​Matt Chill G cover) comes off as a gentle rap (despite a BLUE ALERT). A bit mindless in its repetitiveness.

Royce Davies acknowledges an actual S.C., but wants to help out when he folk plans “I’m Being Santa This Year.”

Bobby Vinton recounts that easy listening pop time when that orphan asked “Dearest Santa” for parents. Santa tells the story. Keep it together!

The Not Fur Longs slide pop notes into one another for the dreamy “Yo Yo Yo (It’s Good to be the Santa).” Ding a ling ding a ling.

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