1st Person Christmas

1954 keeps twangin’ along with Eddy Arnold (And His Guitar)’s “I’m Your Private Santa Claus.” It’s a love declaration, not a military incursion.

Mikael Englund & Árpád Solti go the showtunes route with the bombastic “One Night Santa.” Humblebrag.

A confused playa, the narrator of “Christmas 2023” raps modulatedly from Birmingham Lordson. You have to appreciate the gifts! It’s my way or the highway.

Nasal rockabilly (y’know like Elvis) from The Refreshments declares “I’m the Real Santa.” Dy-no-mite.

Michael Scott Dublin (feat. Robert O’Connor) wants to “Welcome to the North Pole” you and yours. Kid pop alt. Now that’s some hohoho-ing.

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