Mr. Pointy Hat

Santa Criminal? Sharks Teeth run with space rock (think Pink Floyd) as they deconstruct their “Broken Trust in Santa.” Thoughtful, but scared.

Ray Stevens cornpones out the same old hee haw with the “Nightmare Before Christmas.” It was only a dream, but the charges against conservativism should not be taken lightly.

BSam goes to immense, though amateurish, lengths to parody Jeff Wayne’s (awesome) rock opera ‘War of the Worlds‘ with “The Christmas Eve of War.” The sleighs are invading!

Santa Took My Car” croons the country Duck Logic Comedy about the inexplicable actions of the jolliest one. He was given permission (and keys), but he didn’t even gas it up when he returned it!

Christmas Cheers” from the Not fur Longs is a saccharine song about Santa trying to steal the tree. Infectious!

Enter Santa” is the metal parody The Withers uses to warn you off the breaker and enterer.

Dave Rudolf points out Santa’s criminal driving record in “Folly Old St. Nicholas.” It changes up that old Xmas song.

D’Modes employs hard rock silliness to portray the mental decline of “Psycho Santa.” First he came for your trees… and you said nothing.