Herr List

Worth repeating: BearRon(Rob Barron)’s “Nuttin’ (The Dumb Original Christmas Song)” is a thoughtful folk ballad about how a kid will get even for his Xmas betrayal. Love it.

From Flying Bomb Presents Surprise Package – The Collectors’ Edition comes Rocket 455’s “Santa Ain’t Comin’ This Christmas.” Finely aged punk brought to my attention care of Pete th’ Elf.

Rough punk from Lion’s Law has the beef that “He Never Came Around.” You know who.

Richard DSouza translates (barely) “Santa Don’t Come to My Home.” Peter’s got a solution, though–

Swing from Steve Weeks who has a “Grievance with the Man in Red.” Someone’s been counting… how often he was GOOD. But, did it pay off??

Killer dad rock from Luke Nelson, who notes “There Goes Santa Claus.” Not that you can tell from the absence of goodies.

Even harder retro rock from Lee Harris demands “Get Santa Claus on the Line.” The complaint line, that is! Not even underwear, man!