Funky? Santa?? Boomdaddy starts our journey of discovery with a child’s garden of cool in their “Funky Santa.” Enough soul to appeal to the funk-impaired.

Robert J. Walsh ups the gnarly quotient with “Funky Funky Santa.” Starting to lose control here.

Wookiz layers in the ol’ whisper technique for more “Funky Santa.” A smattering of scat don’t hurt none neither. Unh!

Lee Harris adds sexual innuendo to heighten his “Funky Santa.” He’s a saint’s saint.

White Chimney’s “Funky Santa Claus” leads talky cool to soul-type rap. It’s a fab precursor to ’90s pop.

Bamtone uses more music to muscle up the funk in “Funky Santa.” It works.

Red and Blue simply note that Santa is a “Funky Santa.” So laid back, it’s cool.

The Salmons chant in step and it’s actually pretty funky. Call and response makes him a “Funky Santa.”

Teacher Feature & Rusty Gallant go the disco route to empower their “Funky Santa.” Their talky approach elicits call outs (from me at least). Yeah! Go! Man!