Black Peter

Worth repeating: “Santa’s Got a Zoot Suit” by Dave Rudolph is jazzy blues that beats big band time. Straight from the fridge, daddio.

Eddie Florano is perhaps not as impressed that “Santa Has a New Outfit.” It’s nice, but not superlatively so. Electronic, yet jazz.

The Poptarts don’t quite add elan to The Man when they jazz diva “Santa’s the Man.” I believe them, but my eyes are rolling.

Boss blues from The Christmas Jug Band ladles out how particular our red hero is when it comes to political affiliations. “Santa Don’t Go There.” ‘Nuff said.

From the Mark and Brian Show, however, comes a more convincing “Santa’s the Man.” Not sure who does this, but–woof. Rock. Just rock.

Over the Rhine softens the blues for their “North Pole Man.” Brrr, he’s chill. But they’re diggin’ him.