Royalty Free Lyrics “Why’d I Ask for a Bike?”

I don’t see a lot of rhymes for ‘bike,’ but it see i as a pinnacle gift for kids from the ’50s, ’60s, and whatnot. I certainly had a bike and treasured it, except when i was showing off ‘crashing’ it for fun. But, one thing always bothered me about this request… [see punchline of the song].

Why’d I Ask for a Bike?

I heard in a song, a song that I like
When Christmas Time comes, ask for a bike.
I'm not very old, golly, just a tike,
So I set up my parents for a sly filial psyche.

A Stingray with sissy bars and banana seat
(Or) a Schwinn--purple gloss!--would be pretty neat!
No Hot Wheel for me, that's so obsolete.
I want independence to strut down the street!

So I left the Sears catalog open to the page
Where auto assembly parts were all the rage.
I laid around snacking, excercising presaged,
Demanding A Skateboard this punk would assuage.


I tell you what--it worked, like, of course
That morning that package--as big as a horse!
I took that bike out so we could explore,
But fell five times in the ice and the snow!


Yeah, i do live an a moderate climate and we rarely have white Christmases. But is a bicycle ideal cold-weather fun? It’s like asking for bathing trunks for the holidays. But i see this as kidsong (the fancy vocabulary makes that funnier), although you could default to bluegrass. [Yeah, i know i whiffed the last line of rhyme, but that dissonance–to me–makes it more dramatic. So there.]