Royalty Free Lyrics “‘Twas Elf Davey’s Crispness”

Misheard lyrics can be funny. Not that i’m big fan or anything. Just thought i’d play around a little and see if any of this comes across. Sing along, you know the tune!

‘Twas Elf Davey’s Crispness

Auntie's furred damselfish mush
Mike's troubled bravery
A cartridge in an arm'ry

Fond of secant above Cost Plus
Mitral valve-ectomy
To purple pugs
Up a part o' speech commentary

Prawns have thirst ambergris must
Metro league guarantee
Tea frequent
Too thirsty Dougs
With a part'san, name of Perry

Awning forced dazed of concuss
My rye loaf game theory
Football cusswords
Me benchpress
Few comes to shove
A plenipotent'ary

Yonder faith die off cripples
Mein Kampf of slavery
Fight goalies
For better (or) worse
Thee henchmen
True ladylove
Part pigeon--oh--apparently

Ganja synth day old crispness
Mistrust all Gemini
Sis, please, I'm lying
Fife fing'rings
Or kilohertz
Feed Karens
Why not, because
A particular skill set, see?

Gonna sever Chekhov's critics
O whereof knavery?
Severe cancer symptoms
Striptease Hawaiian
Free fall in verse
Green has-beens
Blue-purple buzz
With a smart midget canary

Oughta aid Dadaist muse
Milieu lunch gaucherie
Hate made me millions
Safe saucer swinging
Since niece is staying
Hand holdings
Forkful singers
Get Thee hence
Crude octopus
To a party at DoubleTree

Fondue night hit-and-miss nuts
Mildewed lucidity
Nitration (of) Benzene
Eyeshades in moleskin
Overran a swordsman
Styx feeds Malayan
Vile mold'rings
Formal liquors
Five & Tens
Woo fertile bugs
With a heart aching artery

Tanya tint dado crisscross
My new lobotomy
Tinhorns beekeeping
Niag'ra mansion
Abrade a villain
Sentence answers seemly
Sissies allying
Fine goph'ring
Forestall crosswords
God forfends
Chew myrtle dust
Flowcharts were switched with spaghetti

Donder elegant dairy doldrums
Me Too loves gaveling
All level piebald bipeds
Tense horses sleeping
Night makes me handsome
Lay lady lay, Bing
Self serving at summer
Sips cheese in layers
Eye hole kings
Former lingers
The'ter friends
Workbench hair plugs
Say not 'Parting's such sweet sorrow'

Con job elf day old crescents
Make do costumery
They'll've drumsticks drama
All even plywood pliant
Timeworn and legal
New Hades fam'ly
Amaze Amerind
Severance for seamen
Fix greased flambe'd beans
Ficus strings
Forceful angers
Really dense
Who overdoes
When you part fridge from your dairy

I’m not kidding, you have got to sing this word salad. To read it is to dismiss it–or go mad. This is parody of carol, what i call caroldy. (If you’re really not sure which carol, just go on to the next thing, really.) …oof, i tried.