Royalty Free Lyrics “The Greatest Game of Christmas Hide ‘n’ Seek There Ever Was”

Sometimes a title occurs to a body in some dreamlike state. And maybe that’s enough. AKA throw enough words against a screen to see what sticks.

The Greatest Game of Christmas Hide ‘n’ Seek There Ever Was

The house was full of cousins
Around the holidays.
Too busy for our buzzin's
Folks said: Go out and play.

   We tweaked our plan that week
   To whilst the time away:
   A game of hide and seek,
   A true battle royale.

I hid behind the furnace...
It must have been two hours.
Then stakes got much more earnest
They hid our dog Bowser.

   It didn't seem too bleak
   (He's in the fold-away).
   This game of hide and seek
   Started to get real strange.

So when I hid their presents,
They hid my brother Tim,
But then I hid their parents--
To make them say I win.

   So never show you're weak
   When family comes to stay:
   Suggest some hide and seek
   And yell Yippee-ki-yay!

This just sounds like some movie pitch or something. I dunno. Might be an idea in there somewhere. Spooky kidsong music for it? Something gothic inspired?