Royalty Free Lyrics: “Nativity Pee Oh Vee”

I always the enjoyed the concept of Incarnation for Christmas, that Jesus was truly God born into the flesh of man. Since the upshot of his living and dying as one of us was a grand pardon from Original Sin, seems like this fact-finding field mission was all about what it was like to walk the Earth. Not that human He had omnipresence or superpowers or stuff; i figure our DNA doesn’t support that. Did He feel trapped? Did He enjoy the food? What was it like for God to be created (born)?

Nativity Pee Oh Vee

Glory glory Me... wait--
Glory glory be... great--
I can't see to get outta this place
So dark and crowded in this womb
Beating unbroken hymen with my face
Want my godhead t'get some breathin' room
   ...and see what it's like to be human
   ...and see what I like, uh... whew, man!

Sorry sorry please... there--
Worry worry cease... Air!
(But) this divine afterbirth'll cause a scar
Gotta expel its glow into space
Somebody will take it for a star
Yeah, that'll seem most commonplace
   ...they don't notice much, these humans
   ...I thank thee for the ride, hooo! ma'am

Flurry flurry here... oooh
Scurry scurry weird... doo!
These creatures smell but seem proud of it
Are they waitin' on me as a prophet?
This whole world feels both broke and dirty
And I can't make these mouth parts work yet!
   ...what's it take to feel human?'s not just the filth, is it--whoa, men!

Blurry blurry--what... yelp!
Hurry hurry--need... help!
I'm losing my Omnipotence here
Becoming mortal makes me forget
I'll learn and live what makes them fear
Hey, why is her robe coming open?
   ...this connection to be human... yummy yummy... hi, Mom!

Blasphemy? If it’s ridicule, i suppose. But this is meant to be an horizon-broadener. Discuss.