That’s Not Riot

Lookin’ for fight? Look no further than the beginning of the shopping season, quippily termed “Black Eye Friday” by Bad Detectives in their cool rockabilly.

It Ain’t Christmas (‘Til the Walmart Greeter Gets Trampled to Death)” is experimental jazz scat from The Hot Buttered Elves. Improvvy so-called humor.

Woody Guthrie’s “1913 Massacre” gets a gentler cover from Otis Gibbs. This Christmas party for mine workers locked in their hall whilst being burned to death by strike-busters goes down pretty hard, so thanks for that.

Holee cow. Let’s dial it back a bit with The Non Traditionals clickety clacking some gay 1890s ragtime for the case of “Simon Norman.” His assault will affect many since he puts stones into snowballs. Now we’re fighting dirty!