X Files-mas: Jacob Marley

Oh sure, you got some Xmas ghosts. Can you ever have enough? If you had to name a Par-Tic-U-Lar Christmas spirit, could you carol it?

Aimee Mann makes alt-folk out of “Jacob Marley’s Chain.” It’s a great metaphor for one day at a time and other bothers of sobriety.

To explain that chain, Jason Alexander sings (as a dog) “Link by Link” to Kelsey Grammar (as a bird) is some animated Christmas Carol from TV. Dogs DO go to hell.

Getting reggae, “Jacob Marley” tells Ebeneezer what’s coming Christmas Eve in this ditty from The Benefit.

Majestica uses epic metal for their “Ghost of Marley.” That oughta convince Scrooge.

Bill Drake uses prog rock (metals naive younger brother) to introduce “Jacob Marley” to you.

Ace Enders & Nik Bruzzese allow Scrooge to thank “Jacob Marley” in their indie number. Triumphant.

Make Like Monkeys uses Scrooge to introduce us vis “The Ballad of Jacob Marley.” Seems grateful with indie rock.

Is there room for rap? “Jacob Marley” by Them Nights in Lago punctuates R+B pain with dropped rhymes. Okay fine bye.

Nasal country from Mark Westendorf frames the confession of “Jacob Marley.” We get an actual Woe is me.

Ballad of Jacob Marley” by JD & The Straight Shot is bluegrass suffering you didn’t realize this sinner was capable of. D’you thing he achieved any redemption after helping his fellow usurer out?