X Files-mas: Gremlins

As the Joe Dante 1984 summer blockbuster film with this title featured a Christmas setting (and such unholy violence it spawned the PG-13 rating), it figures significantly in the Christmas novelty song offerings.

Aud Andrews kicks us off with a rocking “It’s Gotta be Gremlins (Best Christmas Movie).” If you disagree you can make your own awesome song about something else.

Screeching metal from the grow fangs recounts spreading the word with “Tellin Leo That ‘Gremlins’ Is My Favorite Christmas Show.” Say it don’t spray it (not around gremlins).

A Very Gremlin Christmas” recounts much of the movie with the Furby ripoff Gizmo burbling along. Claire Idstrom’s pop here is decidedly downbeat, though. Take with a grain of midnight feeding.