X Files-mas: Dracula

Christmas vampires are going to fill up a entire post or two, so let’s give additional attention to the big daddy of all of Stoker’s invention.

Howsabout a little comedy from Team Four Star? “A Very Hellsing Christmas” features Alucard (Drac in disguise) murdering Santa then facing the consequences. Somewhat funny.

S’more comedy from Red State Update. We already featured “Dracula Doesn’t Have Ebola for Christmas.” So let’s rewind the clock to the bit “Dracula Got Ebola on Christmas Special.” The big joke is the hit song referred to doesn’t exist. But the comedy includes the antithesis, including the extra number ‘Dracula Salad.’ BLUE ALERT, too. Song writing tips gratis.

As Dracula bums a smoke at the arcade Christmas scenes already set, begins “Dean Martin” from Lovers Turn to Monsters. Sets a sombre mood in contrast to the holiday times. Indie gloom.

Another casual allusion to the Big Bad is in Cledus T Judd’s “All I Want for Christmas is Two Gold Front Teef.” He’ll be like pimp Dracula! Countrified parody.

Some of the laziest humor comes from funny accents. Dracula Sings! makes hay with the Euro-trash vocals for an almost parody: “Unholy Night.” BLUE ALERT

What we’ve been looking for is “Dracula is Santa (Scary Christmas)” by The Palace of Auburn Hills. This tinny club rock is light and breezy.