On Track to Xmas: Tickets Please!

Catch the last train home, it’s nearly Christmas! Matthew Oleson seems to improvise a folky ditty about travel and getting far away in his “Lonesome Freight Train.” Safe travels, man.

Not sure about getting home–after all it’s a train trip–Popdorian employs a thick accent and Eurovision pop beat to reveal he’s “Coming Out for Christmas.” Not just home, but honest too. Take your time.

Bet Smith and the Currie Brothers make “That Christmas Train” the centerpiece of their seasonal celebration. Bluesy guitar pops open the tree-getting, popcorn-stringing, and baking. Most importantly, they listen for that whistle to blow. Woo-woo along with ’em.

Carey Bell gets so funky with his bluesy “Christmas Train.” It seems a special ride, but it’s all about getting home on time. I feel it.