A Slippery Slope.20

Slipping on the snowflakes, Chancellorpink takes on “The Christmas Snow.” Alt-pop with a touch of prog, challenges deep subject matter.

Lindsey Stirling turns gothic-Victorian mania into a “Snow Waltz.” Not exactly skiing, but this gorgeous violin opus needs more hits.

Hella Maze raps out “Skiing” with a bellowing set up. Drugs, violence, and winters in Europe. Mmmkay.

A Slippery Slope.19

Dude, look out for that tree–are basically the lyrics for the fun run of “I’m Skiing.” Helpful folk from Jan Bresters.

Skiing the Great Divide” by Abquexa is sadder electronic tones that might be called music, or could be the supermarket subliminal soundtrack what makes you buy more ice cream.

Mediterranean mandolin in “Samy ROSENSTOCK Goes Skiing” by Oblivian Substanshall carries the moaning improvisational language of… call it: desire? Whew.

Skiing at Midnight” by An Dhá is the Celtic instrumental we didn’t see coming. Morose at first, then livelier, then more thoughtful… this runs the gamut. Evocative.

Hyper rock from Hannah Pauly gives us all the advice we need on the slopes when she belts out “Let’s Go Ski.” I’d listen, i were you. Good stuff.

A Slippery Slope.18

Dolly and Kenny two-step a pop country “Christmas to Remember.” Ski lodges, cuddling, and hitting the slopes frame some great romance of soulless syncopation.

Joe Paradiso’s “Back to the Ski Lodge” bends to SciFi more than ski-fi with its wobbly electronica. Druggy.

Pagan Holiday’s “Skiing” is a garage rock list of good/bads out of life. Just headband along.

Wondermints has got a “Ski Party” for you. Surf rock (natch) makes your sock hop into merino leggings hop. Fun!

A Slippery Slope.17

Nessa’s Playhouse returns us to the children’s music category with the fast-paced “Christmas Miracle.” No miracles were created during these lyrics, just eating, singing, and skiing.

Angry electronica from m0rxx creates a fierce, competitive “Skiing” environ. Go faster or get outta the way.

Sledding gets a nod in “Merry & Bright” by Benton Stokes. But the house is done up like a Smoky Mountain lodge, so we’ll loop this into a wintertime sports catchall. Easy Listening for the old’uns.

A Slippery Slope.16

Dancing with the Mountains” is John Denver’s disco metaphor for skiing. Oh no! (Right?) C’mon, try it!

Skiing in Hell” brought to you by HOGI is more whimsical than most of the electronic instrumentals offered so far. Good enough for me.

JunyTony drops “Snowman Family” as a get-up-and-move kids’ exercise number. They include skiing as a family groove. Just a touch of calypso seals the kidsong deal.

A Slippery Slope.15

The Bunny Slope is for toddlers. CoComelon pushes the xylophone for the instructional kidsong “Ski Song.” Send the adults to bed to play this one.

The Micronaut uses some countdown electronics to take us “Skiing.” Occasional leaps make it frosty.

AVH Muzak introduces us to the philosophy of “Skiing” via spoken word and EDM. Everybody get down tonight.

A Slippery Slope.14

Rosroc is snowbound at the lodge in “Not Making It Home (for the Holidays).” This R+B with rap interludes isn’t complaining, or even working it out so much–what with cuddling by the tree and hoping to smoke with Santa.

CT arpeggios electronic “Skiing” with an eye for the woodsy slaloming. Zwoosh.

Zac Hurell chants in recognizable English about flirting in the cold, while children outside sled and ski. “This Christmas May Not be the One” doesn’t elevate the player as much as weird us all out.

A Slippery Slope.13

Cross country gets a turn in the urgent folk of DJ Boring’s “Lean House Skiing.” Rhythmic. As it should be.

Geoff Lea’s “Geoff Skiing” is a thrasher of a rock instrumental. Fast, out of control, fiery.

Skiing is My Religion” does invoke mythical figures and power, but Geoff Samuels uses snazzy prog rock more to mock than to poeticize downhill thunder.

Barbary Coast Pirates set the beach party on the slopes with “Apres Ski A-Go-Go.” This jitterbug of a rock dance number will not stop.

A Slippery Slope.12

By turns glad, sad, and mad “Skiing Down A Hill Of Dead Fishies” by golden diskó ship creates a club world of snowy hell. Pop mash up.

Childish instrumentals from Soniq Theater create a roller coaster mood in “Alpine Skiing.” Cool beans.

I DO understand the metaphorical nature of skiing, what with all the drug connections to cocaine… Coyote Rumors takes “Skiing Down” into the sexual arena. Without getting blue, he’s sorry–i guess. Mopey pop.

Can you handle the sexy stuff? “Alpine Skiing” is the punk-ish rock dance instruction from Pansy Division. It starts with a pole in each hand