A Slippery Slope.19

Dude, look out for that tree–are basically the lyrics for the fun run of “I’m Skiing.” Helpful folk from Jan Bresters.

Skiing the Great Divide” by Abquexa is sadder electronic tones that might be called music, or could be the supermarket subliminal soundtrack what makes you buy more ice cream.

Mediterranean mandolin in “Samy ROSENSTOCK Goes Skiing” by Oblivian Substanshall carries the moaning improvisational language of… call it: desire? Whew.

Skiing at Midnight” by An Dhá is the Celtic instrumental we didn’t see coming. Morose at first, then livelier, then more thoughtful… this runs the gamut. Evocative.

Hyper rock from Hannah Pauly gives us all the advice we need on the slopes when she belts out “Let’s Go Ski.” I’d listen, i were you. Good stuff.