Sled It Snow.18

Ralph’s World jams the kidsong with fine retro rock in “All I Wanna Do.” Contrasting the summer (swimmin’) with winter (sleddin’), all he wants to do is be outside. And play. With friends. Not much to it.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran) groove-rap “Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)” to instruct the newly born on all the milestones to achieve. Sledding is in there.

Excellent doo wop recall from Young Respect (feat. Gwam) belaboring the “Climate Change” effects on our winter fun. No more sledding is a downer.

Aaron Lewis wants to expand your horizons with his ‘bove the Mason-Dixon Line “Northern Redneck.” Nearly authentic country with a proper bubba ‘tude. Four wheelers, yeah. Sleds? It gets cold up here.

Sled It Snow.17

Experimental garage tripping in “Sled on a Sled” by The Jim Cougar Morrisseycamp Experience. It’s a mystical crash and earn.

Just to be weirdly inclusive, “A Sled with No Snow” is a fine alt-meditation by Sofas. Follow the logic here.

Ridg Downs returns us to the wide world of cheesy pop, this time with a trace o’ country in “Christmas Morning.” Wee-ugh.

Sled It Snow.16

Plastic Faction remembers a time when the “Little Sled” was the only friend. Charming, but eerie, unplugged folk-pop.

Americo elevates the “Sled” to the must-have moment a young person has, saving money, going to the toy store, facing down the salesman… just like life. Hard core club rock.

Also symbolic is the club rock of Mayfair in the “Broken Sled.” It all started with ‘Citizen Kane,’ didn’t it?

Sled It Snow.15

Lunatic Soul plays with our expectations in “Gravestone Hill,” an alt-folk place for remembering, finding love,–and SLEDDING!

When there’s “No Snow” there’s no sledding. Moira and Claire dum da dum dum through the folksy pop of missing it. But, then– [adorbs]

What Does Christmas Mean to You” invites a lite-rock laundry list of snowing, caroling, gingerbread… and sleds by Jesse Reid. Yeah, my kid could’ve penned this.

Oh Geronimo stretches the metaphor in “The Sled” to include trust, love, relationship, and, oh, i dunno, descent. Alt prettiness.

Sled It Snow.14

A downer from Dave Wirth in the form of experimental sfx folk, or “February and Other Winter Tales.” Sledding and cocoa were the childhood draws, but she ran away from home for a reason–

A Great Big Piles of Leaves misses the sledding when there’s a “Drought of Snow.” Brassy alt-folk. But a hint of a smile here.

Nessa’s Playhouse reminds us that kids like music, too. Perhaps not this strident pop, though. “Christmas Eve’s the Longest Night of the Year” has a message, but it’s illegitimate–built by committee.

The Nameless rock the punk with “Xmas Time,” an attempt to recapture the childhood joy around the snowy holidays. A bit defiant, ‘cuz they can’t.

Sled It Snow.13

Regina Spektor takes a ride on “2.99¢ Blues.” This jazz/blues crash course flies hither and yon with yodeling and rapping. It’s about… 2.99¢, I guess.

More snowbound and holiday driven, “Winter Wonderland” by Sparrow Heights is a weird alt (Japanese influenced?) pop imagining.

Ramona Silver has a winner with the syncopated folk of “Sled Song.” Her verisimilitude of strumming and humming makes for fun ups and downs,

Sled It Snow.12

Bedbug gets metaphysical and alt-goofy with “winter. on the moon.” This interstellar stoners’ trip enjoys a California sunset, but wants to fill a valley with snow and sled down on trash can lids. So say we all.

Sarantos tries showtune, but his uncertainty with English results in a jug band jazz time curiosity. “The Happiest Time of the Year” speaks for itself. Look for sledding… and making amends.

Patrick DeVille hears it’s gonna snow. This “Christmas Snow” will be good for a good many things–including snowballs and sliding down the driveway. Excellent kids pop with a killer backbeat.

Sled It Snow.11

Sled Kennedys storm the garage with their “Sledding,” a raucous assault on the hills. Better watch out.

More historical than holiday-ical, “It’s All Who You Know” from Newsboys traces cause and effect. The sled does get snowbound, but it might be Scott and it might be Amundsen. Either way, rocking alt.

Luke Stanage uses new age alt to sculpt a musical landscape in “New Sled (Christmastime is Here).” Tinkling and plonking arrange the snow scape of mind, although whooshing over the scenery seems wanting.

Sled It Snow.10

Gary Wilson chortle-sings “A Sled Ride Tonight” as an imperative, not of romantic intent, but as a rite of passage. It runs–so fast.

Calling All Kids for Christmas” is R+B kidsong that belongs. The call to open gifts and sled, also includes peace. Badanamu turns up the pop.

G. Love & Special Sauce loves/hates the cold in “Winter Days.” Folk pop kid complications.

Scatting and hand clapping, Ned Harris fills his “Christmas Time Again” with soul. Just as chestnuts, presents, sledding.

Sled It Snow.9

The Dan Band returns to remind us there’s no sledding in his rock/pop “Christmastime in California.” You knew that already.

There’s no sledding in Georgia, either. But Gary Strickland celebrates the holidays nonetheless in “Savannah Smiles.” Now i’m happy too.

Venice Beach Dub Club reggaes “Christmastime Thing” into a party of bells, TV specials, old friends… and squeeze the sledding into there. Busy.