Sled It Snow.18

Ralph’s World jams the kidsong with fine retro rock in “All I Wanna Do.” Contrasting the summer (swimmin’) with winter (sleddin’), all he wants to do is be outside. And play. With friends. Not much to it.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran) groove-rap “Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)” to instruct the newly born on all the milestones to achieve. Sledding is in there.

Excellent doo wop recall from Young Respect (feat. Gwam) belaboring the “Climate Change” effects on our winter fun. No more sledding is a downer.

Aaron Lewis wants to expand your horizons with his ‘bove the Mason-Dixon Line “Northern Redneck.” Nearly authentic country with a proper bubba ‘tude. Four wheelers, yeah. Sleds? It gets cold up here.