Sled It Snow.8

RattleSnakes’s garage punker “Sled 2 Death” involves a snowy incline, but not children. Some so-called ‘adult’ stoner on a dare loses his head. It’s a winter thing.

Jordyn Wilson may not hit the notes, but in her pop “Roll My Eyes at Mistletoe” she does nail every pop culture reference. Those (including sledding) she likes. Poisonous greenery lurking above transoms, she likes not.

Despite the snowing and the sledding “This Christmas May Not be the One” for love, according to Zac Hurrell and his gospelized R+B crooning. Sad face.

SDNY gets steamy with their electronic R+B in “Christmas Bae.” Without quite getting blue, sledding here does not involve a sled… or the outdoors….

Sled It Snow.7

The cast of Bob’s Burgers plug in the rock for “Snowballs and Sledding.” Season 9 Episode 10 will fill in the in-jokes for those who need to know.

Corduroy Road brings us a whole ‘other kind of sledding with the folk-pop “Sled Dog Christmas.” This plaintive noise brings not just winter, but also that big deal holiday, into focus. Blessings.

Ska rock from The Crossing Crew remind us “Hey It’s Christmas.” Hot chocolate, ugly sweaters, and bells take the stage–along with some sledding.

Sled It Snow.6

Sledding Madness” from Connors Music seems like children playing club music. Works for me!

Sledding Song” also smells of kidsong, but the loss of one of the kids to a winter wolf changes the tone. The Light may have translated this from Russian, so i can understand the mixture better. Loved it.

“‘Cause It’s Christmas” completes the trio of faux wee one pop music. The rat-a-tat musical approach appeals to the tots, the world-weariness appears to the ‘rents. Sameer Whittle throws in some sledding, then some malaise. Yikes.

Sled It Snow.5

Disphonic pop from child gone amuck Gladys Rock reveals that “Going Sledding with You” hurts the ears.

Jonathan Mann laundry lists the troubles of “Sledding” but this alt rock bit o’ funny business brings boots, Gary, faster and faster all together. What a ride.

Holiday garage rockabilly from New Couch Party calls for a “Merry Mitchmas.” This seems to involve drinking, especially for sledding. I’m there!

The Nontraditionals give us a percussive pop tutorial about “Sledding” with a squeezed mouse solo. You could learn a thing or two.

Sled It Snow.4

1 Trait Danger raps “Sleds for Christmas” as a diss to the other kids. BLUE ALERT!! This elf-built, silver behemoth works better when the operator is under the influence.

Stephen Sharer’s pop number “Snow Day” repeats for us due to the awesome sledding. Catchy.

The Mountain Says No wanted nothing more than a “Christmas Sled.” This alt-pop sparkler puts us in the driver’s seat, all right.

Sled It Snow.3

We’re not done with the Flexible Flyer, not by a yard.

Brixton Riot spices up the kid-venture with some gnarly garage in their “Flexible Flyer.” There’s no way you can beat me!

Bender Melon makes his bluegrasss stummin’ “Flexible Flyer” all about that memory that keeps you from losing it as a gr’up.

Ed Riegler is a bit more upbeat with his folk “Flexible Flyer.” Three on a sled!?

Hüsker Dü’s “Flexible Flyer” is a hard rock metaphor for childish dreams. How fast? How far? How successful??? Heavy. [Grant Hart does this more gently.]

Sled It Snow.2

Not every sled for every kid was an overturned garbage can lid… the big want (since around 1900) was the Flexible Flyer, that plank-y top with the wrought iron runners that could slice an obstacle up. Watch out!

Cori Connors goes deep with childhood nostalgia and folk/pop in her “Flexible Flyer.” This sad’un is full of regret, like adult memories are wont to do. Sigh.

Pete Sinjin also hollows out the earth for the dead memories of forgotten winters in his alt-bluegrass “Flexible Flyer.” Existential sing-along!

Brian DeWan’s “Flexible Flyer,” however, is the alt-slick trip down the snowy slope. Childish threats of violence! Wot fun!

Sled it Snow.1

It would seem more appropriate for non-motorized transport around Christmas to feature snow rather than sea. But, be advised, these sled-songs will not concern Santa Claus’s get-along. There will be kids and hills and–p’raps–danger!

Kids… cartoons, am i right? Tiny Toons take us away with their “Sled Song“–a moment’s diversion from some 1992 Christmas special.

My Happy Christmas Sled Song” by Loo Loo Kids is not as fun: repetitive doggerel.

Kidsong really flies with Emily Arrow’s “Little Red Sled,” based on a kidsbook about a girl and books and animal friends. It is good.