Cowabunga Christmas.1

Grab your baggies, fire up the Woody, pack your blade, and head for the waves–they’re mackin’. It may be Xmastide, but the surfing is great in Fiji and Morocco about now. So let’s show those Barneys (that’d be me) how it’s done with some tubular tunes, and music that makes the drop. Shaka!

Album alert! We visited with Malibooz last year, A Malibu Kind of Christmas even got a shout out for an album of the year. These New Yorkers hit the chunder running in the ’60s, so they got the original sound.

Some of the album is wallpaper, or what i call the instrumental update on traditional Christmas carols.

More of the original songs (what i haven’t already featured), though, bear featuring, like the laconic “A Quiet Little Christmas,” the party sing-along “When Santa Comes to Santa Cruz,” the psychedelic “Seashells and Coral,” and the rocking parody “Rudy.”

Since i’m posting this one New Years Day, howevs, let’s back out with “And a Happy New Year.” Soft, soothing, like the afterglow by the bonfire.