Christmas Countdown: 2 parts

Naw naw naw, no hearts in two–that’s halves. But some Christmas carols feature body parts, which often arrive in twos.

He drinks the milk, He eats the pies, I saw him with my two own eyes, chortles Jay P Jones in the veddy Brit-pop “Because It’s Christmas.” Oy, spotted again, Claus.

How do you deal with a “Christmas Catfish“? Wanna see you with my own two eyes eyes eyes, raps the suspicious Miles A. Good thinking, but how many eyes you got?

It’s snowman time! What goes into a snowman? Two eyes, a nose, we cheer with heavenly fun, Buttons and a top hat, icy toes hollas Alivia Sarah with some gospel country force. “It’s Christmas Time” is the title, so not just winter time.

More precisely, Robbie Bishop advises: And two eyes made out of coal in the rockabilly pop of “Santa, Hitch Up Your Reindeer.” Dance time!

Alternately, If you got snow, throw a ball or two sweetly serenades Tiyi Christopher in the smooth and slow “I Love Ya (This Christmas).” Those are parts too, ya?

Starting out sweetly (self harmony) Karl Werne gets philosophical in his “It’s Christmas.” So share your gifts and understand; It means more from your own two hands. Symphonic lite folk.

Zippy zydeco from Ry Cooder welcomes back the wounded warriors in “Christmas Time This Year.” All I want is two good arms so I can hold my kids, one maintains. That’s a bigger ask than teeth. Holy moly.