Christmas Countdown: 5 P.M.

Santa’s Out on My Lawn” is not a drunk-shaming diatribe. In fact Michael Ballantyne has some half-serious rockabilly about the lawn ornament he installed. At 5:00 he gets the juice; I flip the switch and he cuts loose. Now everyone will want one.

ZuCo sets a pretty Yuletide home scene: Toss a log into the fire, The house is getting cold, It’s five o’clock the sun is going down… “Waiting for Christmas” is a soothing light pop lullaby.

Current Swell, in the other home, does not want to spend “Christmas Alone.” Five o’clock, no more than, start in an hour, We’re are all locked inside By the tension growing Along with the beast. Uh oh. Not gonna get merry that way despite the gentle folk pop.

Dreamy lite pop from Beane worries, Mid December gets dark around 5; I hate being alone without the light. “Alone Another Holiday” leans into the cold wintry regrets of the romantically insecure. You might need a hug after this one.

Step Savage also notices It’s only 5 O’clock, already pitch dark, but his rap “Snowy Daze” chins up and faces the frozen world (with pork and sauerkraut, and light arms). No moping!

In the middle of the seasonally affected depressed is Luke Markinson, who brazenly interrupts “All I Want for Xmas” with a BLUE ALERT rap about hating the song, though–It’s cold outside, Dark at a quarter of five; Don’t worry bout me I’ll be fine. Not sure in am so much now.

Must be 5 o’clock somewhere slurs Mark Erelli needing excuses to deal with “Not Quite Christmaswithout you here. Piano lounge pop, of course.

Needing more, Keith Varney belts out Just Get Me to Drunk in his hanging-by-a-thread country pop “Christmas Spirits.” It may be morning at home, But in the town of Bethlehem It’s five o’clock in the manger… is all the excuse he needs. Salut!

Finally upbeat are the homeless celebrating Christmas in Paradise” under the Cow Key Bridge. They look forward to Christmas dinner at 5 o’clock over at the Church of Life. Mary Gauthier keeps it quiet despite the steel drum and hollering y’alls.