Christmas Countdown: 5 A.M.

5 o’clock! A.M. or P.M.? It makes a lot of difference around Christmas. Michael Bethel coos sweetly in “Harmattan Christmas” despite the travel plans: Our bags are packed We were up by five. A sleepy, yet hopeful rendition.

Randy Newman’s “Christmas in Cape Town” is an argument against Apartheid more than a seasonal salute. But in his bluesy rock he tells his girl, You know my little brother, babe, Well, he works out at the diamond mine; I drove him out there at five this mornin’ past the Blacks who were hoping for work but get none. Will the spirit survive?

The kids (well, Andy & The Odd Socks) have another POV: It’s 5am and Dad’s still snoring (Come on, wake up!) Let’s get out of bed. “We’re All Together (At Christmas Time” is hyperactive kid song that sings.

Or the significant other under an Xmas fever? You pulled me out of bed at
Five am Telling me it’s snowing On Christmas
begins The Limbo Motel’s “Christmas Morning.” I totally get that.

What makes the ultimate “Christmas Girl“? She Get’s in line by 5 AM a week before the sales begin, according to the retro pop of The Easy Button. Bopping fun.

Then there’s the perpetual boyfriend: Santa gon’ be leaving at 5 a.m.; Baby, I can pull up, it don’t matter what time it is. Rap from Why Don’t We offers it all to be “With You This Christmas.”

Despite announcing It’s five in the morning, the kids are awake–It’s Christmas for heaven’s sake! Amy Grant’s “Christmas for You and Me” is low, slow country twaddle. Try to stay awake.

Mooseknuckle definitely thinks this is too early: Christmas morning 5 am, Wanna go to bed again… “Mooseknuckle Christmas” is about being without–happiness, joy, booze. This isn’t da blooz, but it rocks that way.