Christmas Countdown: 15 times

Counting down to Xmas may be a matter of minutes….

Drinking to forget, BLUE ALERT at it all, Kind of Like Spitting rails through garage about the frustration of a “Tyco Racing Set and A Christmas Story Fifteen Times.” Isn’t that a level of Hell?

On the first and the fifteenth come the checks, according to Lil Poverty Angels in their electro-rapping “Welfare Christmas Carols.” Can’t buy presents without ’em.

ILLITERATE UPSTARTS ARE TAKING THE LEAD WITH THE RAZZMATAZZ AND ALL THAT JAZZ; FIFTEEN HOURS CLOCKS ARE RUNNING OUT OF STOCK–YOU CAN SAY IT’S A HELL OF A XMAS CASE ! This is a glimpse of Victor Sierra’s rocking steampunk poetry calling out the madness of Merriness: “The Xmas Case.” There’s a rabbit hole up that chimney.

Shooting straight, Eleri Angharad gets lounge-y downbeat with: December the 15th I’m still getting your call And you say that you miss me while you’re decking the hall–The festive feeling got you singing the blues, But I think you’ve forgot who you’re talking to. She’s not “Santa’s Little Helper” after all. Go suck Eggs-mas.

Leo Sayer gets confused Down Under when he notes Well I’m half a mile from Canberra Where it snowed for fifteen minutes–Now it’s gone. That’s like “Christmas in July” down there. Next, Iceland! New age rock.

MxPx rocks out how in Fifteen minutes I’ll be touching down; I’m finally back in town to unpack my bags and settle down. For good or bad, they are “Coming Home for Christmas.” Another chore off the list!