Christmas Countdown: 15 pounds

Lot of weight gets thrown around around Xmas. It’s heavy, man.

BLUE comedy ALERT: Ivor Biggun jazzes up “All I Want For Christmas (Is an Great Big Dong).” No actual weight is given but Not too ostentatious, just fifteen inches long alludes to the mass. Oh, there’s a punchline, too.

The weight of obligation results in a gift of song from We Three, but the electro-pop of “Our Last Christmas Eve” is surly and pissy. It never snows, watching Hallmark, the 15$ tree… blech.

Too much to carry is on the list when “Santa and the Sidewalk Surfer” collide in the 1964 rocking comedy bit from The Crossfires (rereleased when they become The Turtles two years later). Included as wants are: a hundred and fourteen Freddie and the Snowmen surfin’ records, a Fender electric twangy surf guitar, a whole bunch of surfboard decals, And fifteen copies of Miserlou [an Old World folk song repurposed by surf-guitar master Dick Dale].

Shrill pop from Meghan Trainor admits “I Believe in Santa.” Though she makes it about herself: I gain 15 pounds a season (season), Blame Santa, he’s the reason (reason); I bake cookies just to please him–Ho, ho, ho, ’tis the season. Funky, tho.

Some Christmas songs simply list the images of that time of the year. Some do it well. Whispery alt-rock from Burkini Beach includes Ten foot tall fir trees, twelve foot high ceilings, all season sunrooms, open fires, fifteen pound turkeys, a hundred-year-old recipes… They file it under “#Xmas2017.” Yeah, Instagram gold. But, it gets me. Right here.