Christmas Countdown: 1,000,000?

Is the exaggeration of a million ever ironic?

A million candy canes might be twirled when the cast of Pokemon sings “I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas.” Hoo boy.

A thirty-year-old fruitcake might last a million years, so “The Same Christmas Cake” gets the Gregorian chant from Arrogant Worms.

That broken Rudolph display may be in about a million pieces, but Carson Station’s hangover after “Drinking on Christmas” will telescope that on down to nuttin.

The Hit Metres apply hyperbole with their electronic oddity “There are a Million Songs about Christmas.” But they do it lickety split. (Less successfully, Corey Horn sings several of the songs himself while protesting from within “A Million Christmas Dreams.” Pop falderal.)