Christmas Countdown: 1,000,000.0

What’s love got to do with a million?

The million faces passing by make you and me “Always Christmas.” Heather Nova’s take on pop loving.

Davis Mallory may be looking for love with his hot pop “Christmas Giving,” but his outsider angst tips him off bad-boy charm and into weirdo. A million people celebrating but you feel so lonely and sad….

Christmas with You” is the best of a million things, a thousand things to see for Madisen Renee (feat. Riza Singal). Breathy diva pop.

Fats Domino don’t need a million dollars, because you are enough for him. “I Told Santa Claus” is a boogie woogie proposal. Awww.

The million love songs holds no candle to what I want–“All I Want” is not the songs. Snappy soul from Jamie Jones, Matt Wong, Hanna Asres Jones (feat. Pau).

Robbie Williams sang a song a million sing in “Idlewild,” a hipster pop love meet-cute.