Felice Avian: dislocation

So what’s the deal with airline connections! Flights cancelled, or bags missing, or forgetting to book the trip home for Xmas until too late–holy cow.

Big band lounge time! Mark Leen’s “Fly Home for Christmas” bemoans the long distance romance with just the right amount of hey baby. He’s hurting, you can hear it in the Alright!

Doug Stone knows how to fiddle up some country comfort, so his “Santa’s Flying a 747 Tonight” attempts to mend the separation of him and his baby. Boot scootin’ moody.

Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar jive up their “Flying Home for Christmas” with comical commentary so that the pop tune comes to childish life. See: they’re flightless birds! Har to the hardehar.

The big trouble starts with Ady Dolan’s “Flying Home for Christmas“–man, oh man, this guy has travel woes! Strip searched! Smelly seat mates! Attendants with attitude! Is it even worth it!? Smooth lounge pop.