Life After X-muckin’ out the manger

Believe it or don’t some folks care to clean up their after-Xmas mess.

Agenda alert! Annemarie E. Witkamp has raved together an electronic “Christmas Clean Up Dance” song inviting all of us not to be alone but to pick up the ocean (it’s full of plastic). Yowza.

Civilian Jam Patrol raps out dance moves for “The Christmas Clean Up.” Break it down, hey! For Jesus.

Rodeo Gypsy does a quick tidy-up, but with slurring honkytonk gusto soon realizes “You Can’t Hide Christmas.” Hah to your turning the page!

But, Canned Hamm and Friends trot out the real message: no toys until “You Clean Up This Mess!” Possibly kidsong, but mostly odd. I dig it.