Life After X-oops

Perhaps the first thing you see the next morning post-X is the big mess.

Homer & Jethro tee off the humor of chaos from 1968 with “The Night After Christmas.” Rollicking redneck fun crashin’ ’round the cottage.

Violence erupted all over Entre-Knobs (feat. Rob Boyd)’s homefront in “Christmas is Over.” Guns may have been involved in this ska-pop dance number.

Swedish Formula One driver Slim Borgudd can’t seem to find you in the tangle of gifts, leftovers, or decorations. “Talking After Christmas Blues” builds in a non-Scandinavian moroseness that may unnerve you. Jangly jazz blues.

Talky blues-lite from Dashboard Hula Girls observes the mess detachedly in “The Day After Christmas.” Not much more to it than that.

Only a gently strewn floor sets the scene of “The Day After Christmas” by John Pollard. Whimsical folk nostalgia for two days before.

Throwing out turkey bones, beer bottles, and faraway friends Bill Lloyd uses “The Day After Christmas” as a time for renewal. One man’s trash is another man’s garbage. Hard strummin’ folk.