Life After X-return to vendor

One tradition we hold dear when the unwrapping is through, the returning’s begun.

Tim Markel uses metal to bitch (BLUE ALERT) the list of all the pointless pantomiming that’s through. First and foremost in “Christmas is Over” is returning the crap you gave him. It gets louder.

Shorty Garrett retries the rock’n’roll but leaves us with warm pop in “Shopping Shopping Shopping.” It’s largely about the mess before Xmas, but recommends snatching bargains after the masses ‘repeal’ their gifts 12/26.

Harmonica-rich country pop heralds “The Day After Christmas” from Jon Covert. Hyperbole about mad consumers mumbled over a jazzy ‘Jingle Bells’ rhythm machine beat is as funny as we can get here.

P.S. Didn’t know where else to shelve this maudlin poverty-stricken easy listening trembler… In “The Day After the Day After Christmas” Rick Paul recounts his ol’ dad’s sweet deals on trees and decorations when the season had ended and the money had long before run out. Holy moly.