Life After X-awreet

Can we end it upbeat? And by that I mean sickly sweet, drink-the-Kool-aid mind wipey fallout optimism. Hold your breath, here we go.

I’m talking about ’70s spirit guru Rod McKuen barely singing his poem “The Day After Christmas.” This pop love-fest ropes all the daydreamy clichés into one whispery nest of bourgeoise balloon animals. Eye roll!

What sounds like instruments tuning up is Full Band setting up Dennis Hartman’s “Christmas is Over,” an up-with-people paean of all the details a Hallmark movie set decorator could ever need. Groan!

Larry Campanella sings a bit above register to raise magic-awareness. “Can’t It Last a Little After Christmas?” reminds this electronic easy-listening essay with almost-hit notes. Hoo boy!

Perhaps a sweet bluegrass hope from Greg Herman–“After Christmas Song” fights the January blues by not putting away any of the decorations and just pretending! Uh, no.

‘Kay, i can’t keep this up! Meiko finishes out the month with “Maybe Next Year” I’ll be better… a mantra of self improvement slopped over a naughtiness that can’t barely be overlooked. Time to get outta the Christmastime. ‘Cuz it’s got a warrant.