Life After X-I give up

What is there to live for–? Xmas gone, no more hope for humankind….

Okay, we’ve covered the breakups after Xmas, but when the loss of love erases all meaning… Christmas collapses, dude. Listen to the broken-ness of “The Day After Christmas” from the desultory Kate Miller-Heidke and judge the hurt yourself.

Slingshot Dakota bangs the drum loudly for “Day After Christmas,” admitting to the broken emptiness. Owie.

Christmas is Over” says Maxim Rözge, but his dirge jazz is really about how his life is over. Bleak stuff, then kazoos!

Leave me alone–go away! chants The Ladies of Sport in their “Christmas is Over.” Moaning ’80s pop-rock.

Randy Pinchbeck goes all the way (through climate catastrophe) to the endtimes with “‘Twas the Day After Christmas,” a folk dirge with a peppy backbeat.